Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dorothy's TimeWarp

Saw an interesting blog post over on Cheryl's blog that I thought would be fun to carry over in here being as there hasn't been many blog posts lately. It's called TimeWarp. What you do is take this and do your own time warp, making a new blog post and putting your name on it. Sound like fun? Here it goes:

TEN YEARS AGO - Ten years ago, I moved into this house I'm living now. I had just started working at a pizza joint (miraculously I'm still there part-time) and also the same year, I met my current BF. I say current because he's on my shit list right now * see post *. I didn't own a computer and actually did things like enjoy life, shoot the breeze, watched TV, played with my then cocker, Chelsea. Son was still living here, along with my Daughter's BF (why I did that was beyond me).
FIVE YEARS AGO - Five years ago, I learned how to use the computer and made my first website, The Writer's Life. I also became a published author for the first time in the ebook format. It was a children's book called NO MORE GOOSEBERRY PIE.
ONE YEAR AGO - One year ago, my second book is published. ROMANCING THE SOUL became my book available in both print and ebook format. Cool thing that was. I also became a syndicated relationship columnist and SOUL MATE EXPERT. Tres cool.
YESTERDAY - Yesterday was the day from hell. I had off and all I did was sulk because BF (why I'm still mad at him) and Daughter can't go to a booksigning with me that's five hours away and I'm going to have to cancel it.
5 SNACKS I ENJOY - Hm...definitely cheez whiz sandwiches, steamed shrimp (yeah, I do snack on this!), Caramel Popcorn, Cake-Like Cookies (forget the name of them) and rice (I know, I'm weird).
5 THINGS I'D DO WITH 100 MILLION DOLLARS - Buy a house in California and another in Tennessee (oops, that's two), stand on the street and hand out dollars to those who need it, buy a laptop, and put the rest away so my kids will never have to work another day in their lives.
5 PLACES I'D RUN AWAY TO - Pigeon Hole, Tennessee (I told you I'm weird), Bahamas, Burbank, California, Paris, France and anywhere in the mountains as long as it was a little cabin in the woods away from everything!
5 THINGS I'D NEVER WEAR - tongue rings, thongs (ouch!), granny drawers, see-through blouses, and bridal dresses (a little inside humor there with everything going on).
5 FAVORITE TV SHOWS - I love Lucy, The Golden Girls, America's Funniest Videos, Blind Date, Cheater.
5 BIGGEST JOYS - to see my son get better, to see my daughter graduate nursing school, a publishing contract from a NY house, fan mail and to get BF to put the cover up when he uses the bathroom.
5 FAVORITE TOYS - my computer, my porcelain Shirley Temple Doll, Fart Machine (okay, it's not mine, it's BF's, but it's real cool to play with at work and watch the customer's expressions. Come on, you know you want to do it, too), Trivial Pursuit and my digital camera.
5 FINE FOLKS WHO CAN NOW CONSIDER THEMSELVES TAGGED! - The Writersville Gang and anyone else who would like to play!