Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm one of the Writersville Gang

Hi, Dorothy! Yup, I made it--on the first try, even! For those of you who don't know me, I am the author of 14 published books and writer for a dozen magazines (some ezines and some print). I take my writing very seriously, but I never write anything too serious. My books cover a wide range of genres. You can find them all at the "My Books" page at . I'd love to have you stop by for a visit. To say that I am living my dream is a vast understatement. My latest book review just went up at Just go to the Great Reviews then down to the Young Adults and find My Dear Phebe. They have asked me for an interview too! Yeehaw! Oh, and I live in North Dakota; I'm not really a redneck!

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Well I really like this idea. It is fun to think that as a first post everyone would introduce self and share some dreams.

My name is Myriam Maytorena. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my husband and fur family. I consider myself to be blessed by living in a world that is so inspiring and peaceful. I have been writing since way back when and I sold my first column in the early 70s to Dell Horoscope. I limped along for years doing this writing stuff and I actually wrote and published 4 books in the 70s about magic. My husband then, who is deceased now, and I owned a desktop publishing company. ( I have written a lot of different stuff including the accreditation for the College of Business of the Ohio University to a weekly astrological column. I have been kicked into gear lately and have a new book coming out in September called Life with Mother ( which is a book in the inspiration/support for end-of-life caregivers genre (if there is such a genre - if not I just invented it).

My blogs are and my oldest one is

I look forward to learning more about all our new members in this journey to becoming more successful as writers and as people.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

All About....

No, not all about. We don't have room for that.

I'm Jen (Jenifer Nipps, truth to tell, but I prefer Jen). I'm a former Vice-President for the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. I'm also current president for the McAlester McSherry Writers.

I can't (yet) claim any publication credits. I'm working on a series of articles/possible book tentatively titled "Blue Jeans & Tennis Shoes: Working from Home." I'm also working on a couple short stories and thinking about starting up one of the novels-in-progress I have languishing on the hard drive.

I have started my own rejection collection. *s*

Introduction - Dorothy Thompson

Hi, I'm Dorothy Thompson, one of the team members of The Writersville Gang blog. I'm the compiler/editor/contributing author of ROMANCING THE SOUL and a syndicated relationship columnist. I write almost anything but mainly on the subject of soul mates. I also offer a free service on my website where you can ask me anything about the soul mate experience and I will try to help you understand it. I'm also the author of the ebook, HOW TO FIND AND KEEP YOUR SOUL MATE, which is a primer on soul mates and is THE book to read before reading the true soul mate stories in my other book, ROMANCING THE SOUL.

I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and you can find me 24/7 right here on this dang computer. Shoot me an email whenever...I love receiving mail!

You can visit my website at or my writing site at

Friday, June 24, 2005

Welcome to The Writersville Gang Blog!

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